Whether you have Good Credit or Bad are 10 ways to help improve your credit score.

1. Get A Copy Of Your Credit Report!
You can receive one free copy each year from places like You can't figure out what problems you need to fix unless you know what problems exist. 

2. Dispute Any & All Credit Report Errors!
An inaccurately reported late payment could bring your credit score down 60 to 110 points. 

3. Avoid New Credit Card Purchases!

4. Pay Off A Past Due Balance!
Your payment history makes up 35% of your total credit history and score.

5. Avoid New Credit Card Applications!
Yes, even applying for new credit cards can actually hurt your score even more. 

6. Leave Accounts Open!
Closing a credit account with a balance still remaining can negatively affect your credit.

7. Negotiate With Your Creditors!
You would be surprised just by asking for help, how often you will receive it when being unable to keep up with payments on past-due balances.

8. Pay Off Debts!
Almost 30% of your credit score is a reflection of your total debt. Paying off these debts in a timely manner will help to improve your credit score.

9. Seek Counsel!
If you are having trouble keeping up with your past-due balances and credit, just find help with consumer credit counseling.

10. Have Patience!
Even though not a factor statistically in restoring credit, but it is a necessary trait to have when looking to restore your credit, it will take time and patience.